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The purpose of the GICC is to help save lives and reduce injuries in industrial cleaning through collaborative development and promotion of basic industrial cleaning principles. Membership is open to anyone in the industry.


  • Have a seat at the table – influence the development of global cleaning principles
  • Be a thought leader – elevate your organization’s perception as a leader in safe cleaning practices on the global stage
  • Represent national guidelines – the GICC aims to gain the support of national safety associations in the adoption of global cleaning principles; be sure that your voice is represented
  • Promote what you believe in – we all share the common goal of educating our stakeholders in safe industrial cleaning practices; the GICC is another way to promote your mission and values
  • Be part of something bigger – there is no need for unnecessary injures and deaths anywhere in the world; be part of a global shift in mindset that will help save lives

Today, the industry is moving towards global safety standards, safer methods of working, and utilizing more productive equipment.

Membership is free and open to anyone involved in industrial cleaning.

Ratifying members

Industry Associations

  • WJTA (USA)
  • SIR (Benelux)
  • S3C (France)
  • WJA (UK)
  • EWJI (EU)
  • DIRV (Germany)
  • KWJA (Korea)
  • AusJet (Australia)

Asset Owners

  • DOW
  • DuPont
  • Total
  • BASF

“There is no need for unnecessary injures or work-related deaths. Be part of a global shift in mindset that will help save lives.”

-Kerry Siggins, CEO, StoneAge, Inc.

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