Steering Committee

Kerry Siggins - WJTA

Kerry is the CEO of StoneAge Waterblast Tools and the Vice President of the Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA). She is also a founding member of the GICC. Kerry’s vision to create global hydroblasting standards has been a key driver in the formation of the GICC and the Seven Basic Principles of High Pressure Waterjetting. She is a driving force within the industrial cleaning industry and is passionate about creating safer working conditions for all operators and supervisors. She believes that the work the GICC is doing will lead to high pressure waterjetting becoming a recognized craft.

“I am honored to be working with such a talented group of individuals,” said Siggins of the GICC Steering Committee. “Together, we are changing the way we think about safety in our industry. The passion and commitment of this team are inspiring.”

Hans Borgt - EWJi

Hans Borgt is globally responsible for industrial cleaning within the Dow Chemical Company. He is the driving force within the industry, helping to lead the way to non-manual hydroblasting and the introduction of new and innovative cleaning technologies. In addition to his role at Dow, Hans is a member of SIR’s executive board and is a founding member of the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.

“Over the past 12 years, I have dedicated myself to improving the safety in the industrial cleaning space... I want to help the global industrial cleaning industry improve in areas of safety and productivity through the development of technology and best practices.”

Stuart Harwood - s3c

Stuart served as a Chairman on the French association of manufacturers and suppliers to the industrial and drain cleaning industry (SYFFA) for 17 years. He also served as Chairman of the association S3C, dedicated to the reduction of high-pressure water and the pumping of liquid or powdered waste accidents by increased and proven competence of all personnel Involved in the operation including the asset owners.

In addition Stuart produced and published the first national recommendations for the safe use of high-pressure waterjetters and is a founding member of the GICC.

“As a founder member of the GICC, I am encouraged by the reaction of subsequent international members who share my ambition that the increased safety levels achieved by the likes of S3C and SIR should become a global standard.”

Andreas Felske - Dirv

Andreas is Head of Waste Handling, Waste Disposal and Industrial Services at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Andreas has held many positions in his 30 years at BASF and eventually found himself as the director of occupational safety which launched him into his involvement with Deutscher Industrie-Reinigungs-Verband (DIRV), which is the newly formed German Industrial Cleaning Association. The DIRV held its first meeting in Haltern, Germany in January 2020, forming a board of directors, signing articles of incorporation and creating buy-in from the three key stakeholders: asset owners, contractors and OEMs.

Andreas’ leadership and vision have been instrumental in not only Germany but throughout Europe. He also played a key role in the development of the GICC’s Seven Basic Waterjetting Principles and performing gap analyses on various regional safety associations’ waterjetting best practices to ensure alignment with the seven basic principles.

Song Han - kwja

Song was a founding member of the Society of Korean Water Jet Technology, which was later converted to Korea Water Jet Association (KWJA), and has been serving as a chairman ever since. He has decades of experience in the waterjet industry, particularly on the cutting side. The KWJA is a non-profit organization focusing on voluntary participation of waterjet-related personnel, with goals to foster and promote domestic and international waterjet applications and trade, through policy suggestions, standardization, sharing information, international cooperation, marketing support, and safety regulation and practice.

“We believed that without the enforcement from the owner side, safety regulations may not be very effective as main or subcontractor are always pushed by time and budget limit, thus leaving the worker in an awkward situation. It was a pleasant surprise to hear GICC movement and we are glad to be a part of the team.”

Lance McKay - ausjet/adcva

Lance McKay is the Business Development Manager at Cleanaway Waste Management based in Melbourne, Australia. Lance represents the Australasian High Pressure Waterjetting Association (AUSJET / ADCVA) on the GICC Steering Committee. Lance has 20 years of experience with high pressure water jetting and vac loading in the industrial services industry, servicing contracts in municipal councils, water authorities, refinery, mining, offshore and CSG oil and gas.

“In my past and current leadership roles, my primary focus is to foster a culture of safety and field leadership amongst my crews, develop innovative and continuous improvement ideas to enhance safety while developing brand awareness to grow and expand the business,” says Lance. “I am pleased to represent AusJet on the GICC Steering Committee. Together, we are affecting positive change in our industry around the world.”