The Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC) is a group of industrial cleaning safety associations voluntarily coming together to contribute to the creation and adoption of basic industrial cleaning principles around the world.

Our mission is to help national safety associations adopt basic principles in high pressure water jetting, municipal/vacuum truck cleaning, chemical cleaning, and respiratory protection that are easy to implement country by country in consideration of differing workforce, regulatory and economic conditions and without imposing on the sovereignty of the existing national organizations.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the GICC is to help the industrial cleaning industry through the collaborative development and promotion of basic industrial cleaning principles.

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The Seven Basic Industrial Cleaning Principles

Joint Responsibility

Collaboratively create and implement safety guidelines

Three Areas of Focus

Focus on Methods, Means and People

Education & Training

Everyone is trained on how to perform the work safely

Knowledge & Learning

Developments in safety are followed & knowledge is shared

Assurance of Guidelines

Ensure proper methods are being used and guidelines are met

Working with Safe Equipment

Only work with safe equipment

Working According to Safe Methods

Use the safest and least physically arduous working method possible

“There is no need for unnecessary injures or work-related deaths. Be part of a global shift in mindset that will help save lives.”

-Andreas Felske, Deutscher Industrie-Reinigungs-Verband (DIRV)

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